Knife Sharpening Equipment Guide

BUY NOW >> Each time you buy a set of quality kitchen knives make sure to buy a a good quality sharpening stone as well. Sure enough, these knives will dull in time and require some sharpening at some point. The typical method of sharpening knives is still being used today with wet stones. In fact,old school knife sharpeners still appreciate this sharpening method. Cutting edge technology in fabricating top quality knives also needed a market for top quality sharpening tools. Professional knife sharpeners are considered artisans and they can be pretty hard to find these days. And when you do, they can be relatively expensive.

If you’re a housewife with a knack at being pretty handy, you will find yourself at ease at handling these knife sharpening equipments. The consumer market offers electric kitchen knife sharpeners that come with easy to follow instructions and can be found in most homes as many people realize how professional services can be quite expensive. Although the crudest method only requires a wet stone, doing this may need a bit of practice from the home owner to achieve satisfactory results without ruining a set of expensive knives. Most restaurants would rather invest on a knife sharpening equipment as kitchen knives play a crucial role in the efficiency of their kitchen. The cooks preparing food surely will need to sharpen their knives constantly. This is due to the varying textures of food they need to chop and cut for long hours and naturally, and knives take a good beating from this. Having to send knives to a professional knife sharpener may present a few unpredictable snags along the way and compromise the kitchen in the end that can cost some good money. Electric knife sharpeners are a good investment for restaurateurs as this makes the lives of their kitchen staff much more convenient and efficient in their performance.

The market offers various models of knife sharpening equipment suited for either home use or professional use. They can cost as much as up to $100 but you can get a good one for a reasonable price of about $30. Those intended for commercial heavy duty use can cost a few hundreds of dollars but may not be as sharp as you expect them although it can handle some pretty good bulk chopping and slicing.

Prior to purchasing an electric knife sharpener, you have to know and you understand the shape and the slope of your knife’s blade. A blade’s beveled edge will tell you how sharp the knife is or how fine it can cut. Chefs like Japanese knives because they are seriously sharper and show off with precision cuts and slices because of its tight beveled angle.

Always pay attention to the kind materials used in the type of grinding stone used in an electric sharpener you would like to buy. The diamond coated stones are harder however, other materials used will be hard enough to do do a good job on most knives.Single stage electric knife sharpeners generally sharpen both sides of the blade with the use of interlocking grinding wheels. Just place the knife in between the vertical wheels with the sharp edge facing down and slowly pull it through. Do this a few times until the knife is sharp enough to your preference. If a fancier knife sharpening equipment is more to your fancy, there are multi-stage electric sharpeners out in the market. They are made with three types of grinding stones. A coarse stone and is perfect for very blunt knives and generally used for the first stage. The second stage has a medium surface grind stone to remove the scratches as it smoothens and sharpens the blade’s edge. The third stage lets you polish and buff your knife with its fine surface stone or plastic disks.

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