LED Boat Lighting: More Than Just Efficiency

With the current global concerns of energy efficiency and conservation reaching new highs, the trend towards replacing inefficient and energy wasting incandescent lamps with powerful and efficient LEDS has also grown. Although it is true that many countries have enacted tough new regulations geared towards eventually phasing out completely production of the incandescent lamp, much of the shift towards LED based lighting designs is coming organically from the consumer end. One of the most enthusiastic of the consumer markets to embrace LEDs has been the boater community. With their low energy requirements, long operating life, and high durability, LEDs have proven an almost natural fit for boat lighting applications and this has not been lost on boaters in the least.

Boaters understand acutely the need to utilize energy wisely. With their vessels entirely reliant upon whatever power can be stored or produced onboard, efficiency and conservation becomes a critical part of the boating experience. Today’s modern boats are becoming increasingly reliant on electrically powered technology, not only for critical devices such as lighting, radios and radar systems, but luxury amenities as well. Anything that can be done to reduce onboard power consumption has thus become an important consideration when purchasing a new boat or upgrading or adding equipment. With LEDs able to reduce the amount of power used by lighting systems by up to 80%, its little wonder they have gained such widespread popularity within the boating community. LED Strip Lights Strong Adhesive Tape, 9.85ft B07JB8VGXL

Aside from their practical aspects however, LEDs also hold added allure due to their high versatility and ability to provide unique benefits that traditional forms of lighting can never equal in effectiveness. Chances are, if you are a boater who spends any amount of time on the water during the evening hours, you are already familiar with some of the unique capabilities.

One of the most popular facets of LED boating lighting is their ability to lend a boat a highly customized appearance with very little effort. Unlike traditional incandescent lamps which must have a colored lens or painted on coating in order to produce different color illumination, LEDs can be purchased which provide colored light without any such added hardware or finishes. This is because the unique design of the LED allows manufacturers to manipulate the color of the actual light produced by the LED rather than filter its light output through a lens or coating. The result is a highly efficient source of deeply colored light that is smaller, cooler running, and far more durable than a colored incandescent lamp. With no lenses to fog or cloud, and no coating or film to flake off or peel, the LED will produce brilliant color throughout its entire operating life, all while remaining small enough to be mounted in such out unobtrusive locations such as underneath gunwales, along railings, or mounted within recesses. The result is that boaters can produce decks, cockpits and canopies that are brightly illuminated in brilliant red, blue, green and other colors, thus providing a distinct and creative appearance to their vessel at night.

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