Women Online Dating – What Online Dating Sites Don’t Tell You

When it comes to online dating, for women, knowledge is everything. Online dating sites hold out the promise of finding the one among the million – from the comfort and safety of your home, available 24/7/365 at your beck and call – but getting to know what goes on behind the curtains can help you make an important decision when it comes to where and how to search for a possible mate Sugar Daddy.

One of the benefits of online dating is that a dating site can attract a large number of diverse people. That those profiles can be seen by anyone detailing personal information about people is what makes online dating an attractive way to find out what people are like quickly and in a safe, convenient way. If only those profiles were always accurate and always described the person they claimed to be. As is the case in any online dating site, what you see isn’t always what you get. A lack of screening can lead to a numeration of fake profiles and inaccurate photos. In fact, it’s impossible to know if a profile is honest and truthful until you find out first-hand, and that can be a time-consuming process.

Online dating sites can be the equivalent of an endless catalog, where browsing and perusing through countless profiles can be a time-consuming task, requiring an endless number of mouse clicks, scrolling through pages, and a plethora of unreturned e-mails and no responses. Therein lies the other factor that online dating sites can’t control: a lack of accountability. Which leaves you the task of guessing which profiles are legitimate and which are indeed too good to be true. Ultimately, you are left with the task of sorting, filtering, weeding, screening and browsing through all of the possible profiles in an online dating site’s database. Mixed in with some of these profiles are the fact that married people use the site too.

And even if you do stumble across a profile that is legitimate, it is becoming more and more common to find that the user has abandoned that profile after two to three months. The time an average user stays with an online dating site is rapidly declining, leading to an overabundance of profiles, but with no human manning it. The result is that users become frustrated, they start to lose trust in the online dating site, and eventually start to look elsewhere, thus feeding the cycle of profile abandonment. And so it goes – on and on – leading to lost time, no responses, and a feeling of frustration and hopelessness.

One has to wonder that if users are leaving online dating sites after two to three months, where are they going? One answer is that many of them are finding that professional matchmaking is the way to go. Matchmaking not only cuts out wasted time weeding out and browsing through profiles, but it presents only the best and most attractive possibilities to the forefront, so you don’t have to take a chance without knowing what you’re getting into.


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